Yes, we did it!

We just signed our lives away this afternoon. Yup, we did. I thought I would be very excited and nervous about it, but no, I wasn’t. I was quite calm and not emotional at all.

It was funny, the gentleman from the title company who helped us with the signing process commented on my signature. He said after I signed the notary record, “Wow, this is the quickest signature I have ever seen.” I guess I must have signed 20 times and initial a dozen times throughout the process, and he made the same comment on every 2 or 3 of my signatures. I guess my signature was quite impressive.

The process is gonna take a few days. We were hoping to get the keys by this weekend, but it looked like we won’t get the keys until end of the month. I guess I will get more excited when we actually have the keys in our hands, and start the actual shopping process.


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