I didn’t make up this word. I searched online, it existed. From all the topics I’ve found, Toiletology refers to toilet care and repair. I am not going to go into this subject. To me, Toiletology means study of the toilet. Why did I say that? This past weekend, we purchased 2 units of toilet for our new home. All I know about toilet is, low-flush, 1 piece, 2-piece, round, elongated shape, how noisy it is when it flushes, that’s about it. All I aware was 2 brands: American Standard and KOHLER. I was too concerned about the toilets, because they are installed in private rooms, as long as it’s low flush, I didn’t really care much. On the other hand, dear hubby asked all sorts of questions, such as how smooth it flushes, how wide is the flush valve. At the end, dear hubby picked a new brand - TOTO, yeah, just like the name of Dorothy’s dog.

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