That’s a First!

I finally had a relaxing weekend. Notice, I said “I”, not “WE”, because dear hubby was busy installing internet cables at the new house with his friend Harrison. Saturday was lay back. We went to a baby shower in the evening, and that’s about it.

Yesterday, Sunday, while the kids were taking their (late) afternoon nap, I snuck out and went shopping at TJM home store. I was there for 2 hours, finished shopping just before they were closing. As I was walking up and down the aisle, I heard the following conversation between a very pregnant wife (probably 8 month pregnant), and her husband.

Wife: We can get that. *sitting in a displayed chair/sofa and pointing at some decorations*
Husband: No, there’s no space for it.
Wife: There is. We can put it … *all the sudden she spoke in Vietnamese, and I don’t understand what she was saying*
Husband: No.
Wife: so, what are you buying then?
Husband: This. *pointing into his shopping cart*
Wife: Oh no! We have been shopping here for 3 hours and you are getting this only? God Helps me!

My first reaction? Reversed role play. That’s the first time I heard a wife complaining about shopping. I guess her husband wasn’t sensitive enough, cux she was sitting down whenever she had a chance.

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