Mad House

I strong urge those of you have not yet bought Halloween costumes for yourselves or your kids, DO NOT shop at party supply stores or Halloween costume shops on the weekend. It was a total MAD HOUSE!

Sunday after lunch, I promised Ashlyn & Alex to buy them the trick-or-treat buckets. We went to a local party supply store. People everywhere. Some waiting at the door, obviously, those were parents waiting for their kids who were shopping inside the store. Some parents were waiting in the Halloween costume aisle, waiting for their costumes to be brought out from the warehouse. Sales people screaming out numbers, either order numbers or numbers of the costume. Some people were lost, didn’t know what to do after they got the costume order slip. Every 5 minutes, the sales people had to repeat the “ordering procedure”. It was a total mad house.

It took us 3 minutes to pick out the candy holders, but 15 minutes to wait in line for the cashier. What a mistake to hit the party store on weekend.


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