Domain Name

I have been thinking about getting a new and dedicated domain name for my blog. Unfortunately, my #1 choice is already taken by someone else - So, I have been brainstorming and asked Elaine and Vivien for their input and suggestions.

Before I have asked for their help, I had these domain names in mind, but none of these was available.

We have come up with the following:

I liked, but it’s not like perfect and easy to remember. As Vivien pointed out, only Cantonese people know what “wagwai” is.

So, this morning, out of nowhere, a domain name popped up in my head. I wasn’t even thinking about anything related to that. Well, not available either, but chicknmonkey (kind of like chick ‘n monkey) is available tho. Yippy! quite easy to remember, and there’s a story behind it too. I will leave that for another post.


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