Leap Year Baby is Here

He has arrived! He has arrived! He has arrived!

I’m officially a “Goo Ma” (? ?) now. This is what we call Daddy’s older sister in Cantonese.

My sister-in-law, Penny, just delivered their first baby on Feb. 29 in Hong Kong after a 7 hour-ish labor and a little complications after the birth. That’s considered rather short labor for a first timer, and both the baby and Penny are doing fine now. You noticed I have been referring to the baby as “baby”? cux, they haven’t told us what his name was. All we knew was he weighted approximately 6.7lbs, he has the signature mouth of the Chu’s, and he is the first leap year baby in the family. I wonder if we should celebrate his birthday every 4 years? N-O W-A-Y !! Just celebrate on Feb. 28, since there’s the time difference in HKG and USA, I think it’s perfectly fine to celebrate on Feb. 28.


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