Big Event #1

What was the big event? For Ashlyn and Alex, it’s “THE” biggest event. It happened on last Saturday. We bought our first fresh Xmas tree for our new house, but we have yet to seriously decorated it.

Ashlyn and Alex were excited throughout the week and looking forward to the tree shopping event. Big and small, tall and short. They were excited to find trees at their height. I was planning to get a Douglas, but it was just a bit too big for our house. We finally got a Noble Fir as the worker was unwrapping it. Perfect size, perfect shape.

Alex insisted that we must put the tree in the car, not on top of the car. Both were so excited and helped Baba to bring the tree into the house. Obviously, I was prepared. I got them a few ornaments, their favorites, Princess and McQueen, so they were the first to put them on the tree. I have bought a few more ornaments and planned to decorate the tree this weekend. Stay tuned for the finished product.


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