“R” means Return

I went shopping over the weekend. I bought a few things at Bath & Body Works. As I walked out the door, I kind of regret that I didn’t get the Country Apple foaming hand wash (3 for $10). So I returned and exchange 1 of the items I purchased 5 minutes ago. I don’t shop there often, not to mention returning/exchanging an item at BBW. I was in shock when I saw the cashier took out a marker and marked an “R” on the bottle. I immediately assumed “R” meant RETURN. What blew me away was that she turned around, open the cabinet and squeezed out the content from the bottle to the trash can, and dumped the empty bottle too. Oh My God! I just realized I wasted $3.33 worth of merchandise. I must applaud their policy to throw away the returned items for sanitary reasons. From now on, I must think it through before I make a purchase at BBW.

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