My Finger

Exactly 3 weeks ago, I had a cut, by broken glass, on my index finger. It’s quite a long cut in length. Don’t ask me how I did it, and what I did. All I knew was it happened so quick, I didn’t even noticed it. It didn’t hurt, so I didn’t even know until I saw blood running down my forearm. I ended up at the ER, got 4 stitches to stop the bleeding. The pain from getting the anesthetic shot was worse than the cut itself. Stitches removed about 10 days ago, I believe it’s 95% healed, but feels a little funny.

Picture taken on 9/1, right after released from ER. Looked serious.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


Alex @ Kindergarten

It’s the first day of kindergarten for Alex. Look at the handsome boy in his uniform.

Salon Service

This is what I called CUSTOMER SERVICE !!

**picture taken by Alex**

Promotion - Kinder

This is a looonnngggg overdue post.

Ashlyn has completed Kindergarten class and in September, she will be in first grade. They did not have a graduation, or a formal promotion celebration at school, they just received the report cards and completion of Kindergarten certificate.

Ready. Set. PULL!

This afternoon, Alex accidentally bumped into Ashlyn, and caused Ashlyn’s (first) wiggly tooth to bleed and become even more wiggly.

All afternoon, Ashlyn has been wanting me to pull her teeth for her, but she was worried it would be painful. After dinner, she decided that she would have Grand Auntie Mary to pull her tooth for her.

Get set. Ready.

Ta~ Ta~ Mission accomplished!!

Like Brother, Like Sister

Thank you Uncle David for putting this together.

Half Way There!

Today is June 30. The year 2010 only 6 more months to go.

Drum Roll …. Please

Miss Rianna Chu
My niece
Born on June 25, 2010



We finally got some time to visit a dear friend of mine and her newborn twins - a boy & a girl.

* Alex refused to be in the picture *

** Click on image to enlarge **